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A brief look at one of the additions to SportsRap Radio Show Our Weekly Dime of The Week , where we give you news , updates and our views on specific topi

SportsRap Radio Show

More from the soulmates visit to Sportsrap radio Show and heat100 Radio.  also in this segment the Ladies show us their Hidden Talent of saying the alphabet Backwards

SportsRap is a Sports Show catered to the True Sports Fan.


Our Background

SportsRap Radio show is a Show that Specializes in Sports coverage Local & National.  We are based In Philadelphia, PA and we cover all Sports.  We also  have an affinity for Old School Hip Hop as we tie it into Our Sports Coverage.  We are also an Informative Show as We Attempt to give Our Listeners Pertinent Information to help with their Progression in their Respective Sport. Bringing the best Sports Coverage that all can relate to and Appreciate


Support Team

My support team consists of my Wife Hope who is an Intricate part of the show as she brings the Female Perspective to the Show as well as my Partner in Sports Aaron "Baldy" Moore who is a Coach and close friend. We share a Love for Basketall but more importantly we are a great Team as we don’t always agree but we Respect Eachother‘s Opinions as that is what makes us a Great Team. 


Our Philosophy

We believe we have a voice and want to share our knowledge and love of sports with our Listeners as well as providing pertinent information for the Listeners to understand all sides of Sports


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Show Airs Monday’s 11a-1p (est)  Listen on Heat100radio.com and via The Mobile App Heat100Radio Also on all streaming music platforms


SportsRap Radio Show


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